Change is Here.

Change is here. OTC Adventures is positively ancient in blog terms (9 years!) and not the most active of late, but I hope to change that, posting about interesting ideas and situations more frequently without sacrificing quality. Toward that end, I have decided to move my blogging efforts onto a new platform, Substack. I prefer Substack’s interface and audience-building tools.

I will also be abandoning the “OTC Adventures” title. While it worked well early on, my recent focus has been as much on international equities and small listed companies as on OTC securities.

So without further delay, I humbly invite you to join me at “Exploring with Alluvial Capital” located at If you are signed up to receive OTC Adventures updates by e-mail, I took the liberty of adding your e-mail to the new Substack distribution list. Feel free to unsubscribe if Substack is not your thing, or if you have simply grown weary of my ramblings on the topic of obscure, unpopular securities after all this time. is not going anywhere. This blog will stay up, though I may shut down commenting on all posts. There is a lot of very good, good, and well….not good analysis here, and it chronicles my development as an investor. I have also greatly enjoyed the insights, the (mostly) kind words and encouragement, and the occasional spirited debates in the comments.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you will continue doing so. To the new!

– Dave

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4 Responses to Change is Here.

  1. Peter Quagliano says:

    Thank you for keeping the current site up and looking forward to your posts at your new site.

  2. Omar Fayoumi says:

    Congrats and looking forward to continue reading your work!

  3. Brice says:

    Going to echo Peter on both points: look forward to following you on Substack and encourage you to keep your old posts up. Many of your ideas are ones that are interesting years after you’ve written them.

  4. Peter says:

    Cool stuff

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