Two Investing Resources, a Giving Opportunity, and Alluvial’s Quarterly Letter

No stock ideas today, but I thought I would share a couple of resources I have found both useful and enjoyable, a giving opportunity, and my recent quarterly letter.

TIKR has become a go-to tool for me. TIKR aggregates fundamental data, transcripts, filings, ownership info, news, and much more for thousands upon thousands up public companies, US and international. The interface is excellent and intuitive. It’s not Bloomberg, but it’s (for now) free! There is a waitlist for new accounts, but try messaging @theTIKR on Twitter and see what happens. I have no financial interest in TIKR.

I really enjoyed reading James F. Royal, Phd.’s The Zen of Thrift Conversions: How To Turn Hidden Bank Stocks Into Big Gains. The book holds many insights for those interested in thrift conversions and bank investing in general. Royal’s book is very readable, keeps thing moving, and has multiple interviews with veteran activists in small banks and thrifts. These investors are rarely willing to share their expertise, so hearing from them is a treat! Here’s the Amazon link. I received a complementary copy of this book, but I am not receiving any compensation for my review or any resulting sales.

With the news of an effective vaccine on the way, there is hope for the end of the COVID-19 crisis. However, millions are suffering from the economic fallout and it will take time for employment to recover to pre-pandemic levels. With the holiday season approaching, I think it is a good time for us to share our blessings with those who have been less fortunate, especially those struggling to put food on the table. Feeding America is America’s largest hunger-relief organization, rated 4 stars by Charity Navigator. 98.6% of Feeding America’s revenues are used for its program expenses. My wife and I will be donating to Feeding America, and we are willing to match OTC Adventures reader donations up to a total of $1,000. Just drop me a note if you decide to donate. Thank you!

My third quarter letter to partners can be found here. The thesis underlying our investment in P10 Holdings, outlined in brief in this August blog post, is playing out far faster than I had expected. I continue to find exciting new value opportunities in the land of micro-caps, especially in France, Poland, and Italy. Thanks for reading! As always, I can hardly believe I get to nerd out on obscure stocks for a living.

Alluvial Capital Management, LLC holds shares of P10 Holdings for clients. Alluvial Capital Management, LLC may hold any securities mentioned on this blog and may buy or sell these securities at any time. For a full accounting of Alluvial’s and Alluvial personnel’s holdings in any securities mentioned, contact Alluvial Capital Management, LLC at

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2 Responses to Two Investing Resources, a Giving Opportunity, and Alluvial’s Quarterly Letter

  1. Len Rosenthal says:

    I noticed that you discussed your holding of Eaco in your report to your investors. I took a quick look at their financials and found that they trade securities, including taking short positions. Haven’t had time to check the track record, but normally this is not what one wants to find.

    • otcadventures says:

      The CEO does like to dabble in trading. His long-term record is decent. If the size of the trading operation were larger in comparison to the value of operations, it would cause me concern. But it’s small, especially now that operations have grown in value so much over the last few years.

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